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About Nicole and TAT

I am a liscensed massage therapist in Jacksonville, FL. I hold a masters degree in Health Science and am an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist through ACE. Having been in the fitness field for over 15 years, I have worked with clients of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Throughout the years, I have recognized the need for a more individualized approach to massage and fitness. Each individual is unique in structure, in the way we manage stress, in the way we move, and the way we experience pain. I designed the Tailored Approach to Therapy system in an effort to deliver a health program which is not cookie cutter in nature, rather specific to the needs and goals of the client. The Tailored approach regards three tennents, posture, tissue quality and movement quality to be the key to expressing our optimum health and wellness. With postural habits and injury, strain patterns develop within the connective tissues in order to adapt and overcome restriction. This adaptive process can lead to reduced range of motion and pain. Releasing these strain patterns is an essential component in restoring alignment and ultimately good health.