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What you can expect

Any effective treatment system recognizes the body as a whole. Many times pain is an expression of dysfunction in other parts of the body, therefore making a more comprehensive approach to treatment necessary. Fascial lines extend through out the body and can create tension and discomfort in remote areas, thus chasing pain is typically not an effective method at relieving pain.

Postural strain patterns, repetitive motion and poor biomechanics are often behind most of our chronic pain. The Tailored Approach System begins at assessing movement, posture and joint restrictions. Once assessment is complete, a more client centered session can be delivered. Specifically, clinical techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial work, joint mobility work, and PNF stretching. Once the soft tissue has begun to relax, and strain patterns have begun to subside,getting the muscles to fire in a proper pattern is the final step. After injury, it is very common for the brain to lose it's ability to correctly communicate with the involved muscles. This is where corrective exercise comes into play. Specific muscle energy techniques are implemented, which will assist in regaining the proper recruitment patterns and ultimately get smooth coordinated movement back.

Most clients would agree that this system is more intense than traditional methods of massage. The alleviation of pain, and longer lasting results far outweigh the mild discomfort that is commonly described.